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Would your child rather play video games than conventional youth sports?

You are not alone! In today's technology rich lives, an increasing number of children find themselves alienated by traditional sports. Limited playing time, unstructured volunteer coaching, and lack of appropriate mental stimulation often lead to lack of interest and player isolation. Some players retreat to the comfort of video games where they experience more structure, more control, and more mental challenge. Unfortunately, what they lose, social interaction, physical activity, and the challenge of face to face competition can be alarming to parents.

If only there was a way to:

  • Teach vital lessons from competition
  • Get children active so they stay healthy
  • Build teamwork through shared effort
  • Employ player passion for video games to generate personal growth and improvement

Well now there is.

Bravous eSports Skill Camps.

Bravous Skill Camps channel your young athlete's passion for video games to develop a well rounded, healthy approach to competition through eSports.

Bravous eSports

A new platform for competition

More than video game tournaments, eSports promotes inclusion and camaraderie though skill and challenge. Bravous eSports introduces young athletes to this exciting new world through healthy, clean competition.

Everyone Plays

Everyone Plays

There is no bench time in eSports. Everyone is a starter!

Physical Training

Learn High Intensity Interval Training for Peak Performance

Food For Thought

Learn simple nutrition for mental accuity

Face to Face Competition

Play with other players from your community

Team work plus

Players play on teams with individual recognition

Professionally Run

Camps are coached by trained professionals

Don't You Wish Conventional Youth Sports Ran Like This?

  • Everyone plays
  • Teaches Core values of:
    • Effort
    • Encouragement
    • Esteem
    • Esprit De Corp
  • Balanced Instruction:
    • Simple physical exercises to improve health and agility
    • Nutrition guides to fuel the mind
  • Teaches competive excellence using popular video games like:
    • Racing with Mario Kart
    • Team work with Splatoon 2
    • Collaboration and problem solving with Minecraft
  • Cultivates Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Mindset through play

Channel your childs passion with Bravous eSports Camps

Why Bravous?

It combines many unique features. Here are a few.

Coaching Experience

Video Game Experience

Behavioral Science

Social Play

Video Game Technology

Skills Training

High Energy

Fitness and Nutrition

What is eSports?

eSports is a form of sporting competition based upon video game technology. eSports cover a variety of game genres from fighting games to racing games, to team based strategy games. Bravous focuses on three age appropriate genres of gaming: Racing, team tactics, and collaborative problem solving.

What’s more, eSports has grown into a global phenomena. Did you know that:

  1. Major Universities like Arizona State, and the University of Arizona now offer scholarships to eSports athletes?
  2. eSports is now the fastest growing professional sport in the world?
  3. Participation in eSports is highly correlated with STEM based degrees?

eSports and STEM

While no eSport directly teaches STEM skills, the correlation is undeniable. Kids who participate in eSports overwhelmingly select technical degrees in college. Why the correlation? Because eSport games provide similarly complex challenges that require many of the same left brain skills necessary to excel in a STEM career.

In short, eSport athletes develop skills which cultivate a STEM mindset.

Why Bravous eSports Camps?

Bravous is built from the ground up to develop the modern youth athlete, body, mind, and spirit. Bravous combines the latest in video game technology, behavioral science, and positive coaching to teach players clean, healthy competition.

So my child is going to play more video games?

Bravous eSports transforms your child's passion for video games into a platform for skill development and competitive excellence. Camps are organized to elevate video games from an isolated, random experience into a structured, goal oriented program that teaches a variety of life skills through video games.

Players learn how to:

  • Identify necessary skills for achieving excellence in a variety of games.
  • Implement deliberate practice to achieve rapid skill aquisition.
  • Use "micro-stressors" to improve their endurance, physical stamina, and mental training
  • Develop the emotional tools necessary to handle defeat
  • Cultivate a mindset of competitive excellence

Why Bravous?

Bravous comes from the idea that achieving our potential requires that we be both brave and courageous. This is a mindset we want to impart on every participatant. When you have a goal that matters to you personally, it often takes bravery to move toward that goal. Any objective worth achieving is often blocked by obstacles, even if they are personal ones. At the same time it takes courage to fight through the inevitable failure that is integral to the learning process. Behavioral science teaches that mastery comes from effort applied over time through deliberate and intentional practice. It takes courage to work through this kind of regimen.

What's more, neuroscience teaches us that there is no real learning without failure. This is why competition is so crucial. We need other people to push us to achieve our potential. At Bravous we believe in competing with other people, not against them. Without competitors, we might never achieve our full potential.

Finally this approach can last a life time. Advances in brain science show that the body continues to generate neurons through out our entire life. To take advantage of these new brain cells however, they must be integrated through learning. Learning can be a daunting and difficult process. It takes bravery and courage to be a life long learner.

We view video games, and in particular video games in competition with other people, as one of the most effective ways to practice the techniques and skills required to achieve our full potential. Different people are able to obtain these results using different techniques such as conventional sports, art, or music. For some however, sophisticated video games provide the necessary mental stiumation required to keep them engaged.

Following your interest, making measurable progress toward a goal, fighting through determined competitors, it is a bravely couragous thing to do.

It is what we are all about.

The Bravous Experience

Welcome to the original gaming program, built around YOU. Learn, grow, develop and compete. Our flagship program features the latest in gaming, blending world-class instruction with fun camp activities. In the weekly sessions, you will explore an inspiring environment, make new friends, and build skills that last long after the camp.

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Work with Bravous

Join the Bravous team! We are looking for part-time staff to help run and manage camps for our Summer 2018 season. If you have strong leadership skills, love working with kids, and have a passion for gaming, please download the application, complete it, and submit it along with your resumè to